Monday, May 18, 2009


Had i not been so confused, i would have never made it this obvious and shared what uncertainty I was going through. And I am not sure why, how and what is so confusing around me that has left me at this point... I also wonder what really causes confusion? Is it when you cannot make the right choice between options in hands, or is it when you are not sure if something that you opt for is the right one you chose? Or is it when you think that the circumstances surrounding you are not what you would call an ideal situation? It is a matter of your strong belief in yourself and knowing what you really want? but then how can u be so sure that things will go the way you think they should? Don't things happen unexpectedly out of the blue? The situations we call SHOCK.. so, it goes back to - how can you be so sure when you are not so sure what will really happen next? Another question would be... umm, let me think, i'm not quite sure if it is a question or a suggestion? Speaking of which a thought just crossed my mind- It may also be a state when you are not sure -"what means what", so lack of knowledge can be one thing that will lead to the kind of confusion which no one would want to face, trust me! But oh well, back to what I was asking earlier, I was saying.. oh good lord! Now I have forgotten what I was going to say... this is all just so confusing? I think it is confusing when you have sooooo many things to consider, well it also may be confusing when you don't have anything at all?! Too many questions and thoughts create this funny tsunami in your mind and all you are left with, is a scattered state of mind which tends to decrease your brain functionality and hence leaves you completely clueless as to "what next bud?" another confusing question, but then when you don't have anything at all, would you not think the same sitting completely speechless, pondering "what next bud?" *sighs* isn't this equally confusing to be in a situation when you end up at the exact same point even if you took two different directions thinking the results might be anything but same? This is even more confusing, no? This would leave me thinking as to why would one even bother thinking about what should one do? So, it leads to another thought that just popped in my mind, would it be better to follow your instinct or is it better to use your very own brain and then face the unforeseen circumstances? Wait a minute...first things first, is confusion a situation or is it a feeling? Gosh! Doesn't this become even more weirdly and annoyingly confusing if you are not even sure that the state you are in, is caused due to the circumstances you are in or is it something with in yourself that needs to be taken care of? Is this confusing? No! thats exaggerating!